SEE PART 2: Yoga & Diversity: Gender & Sexual Identity

A new documentary series called “Yoga and Diversity” seeks to explore the relationships between yoga, race, class, gender and more. Produced by a new non-profit called Global Mind Body, the four part series questions why yoga classes don’t reflect the diversity of of their surrounding communities. Often yoga classes are quite monolithic and don’t speak to the reality of the communities around them.

This film features perspectives of some of the leading voices trying to increase and expand awareness about yoga and diversity. Included in the documentary are Kim Katrin Crosby, Roseanne Harvey, Tiina Veer, Diane Bondy, Sarah Mostafa-Kamel, Kelly Boaz, Jamilah Malika and more.

Readers of popular yoga magazines like Yoga Journal know that the images both in articles and in advertising often reflect a narrow standard of beauty. In what ways do these messages express convey that only these types of people are welcome in yoga? Seeing skinny, white, blonde yoga teachers over and over again in magazines, studio ads, teacher trainings…etc. reinforces a narrow vision of who yoga is for.

Readers of Decolonizing Yoga will know that these issues of are central on the site. We’ve published numerous articles that explore how yoga, race, diversity, feminism and gender intersect. Hopefully more videos and documentaries like “Yoga and Diversity” will continue to explore not only these topics but also address pertinent and viable solutions to them.

About Global Mind Body:

“Global Mind Body is a non-profit online yoga and meditation community. We build connections, share stories and help each other cultivate a healthy practice. We publish engaging content that explores new perspectives on ancient wisdom. We showcase upcoming workshops, retreats, classes and teacher trainings in your community.”

This is the first part in a four part series of the documentary. Stay tuned for updates and more information when the other videos are released.



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