Mia Mingus speech at the Q&A 2012 conference at UC Berkeley.


Mia Mingus is a queer, physically disabled women of color, Korean transracial and transnational adoptee writer, organizer and community builder. She was raised in St. Crox, USVI, lived 12 years in Atlanta, GA and has recently moved to Oakland, California. Through her work on disability justice, reproductive justice, queer liberation, and transofmration justice, she recognizes the urgency and barriers for oppressed communities to work together and build alliances for liberation. She believes in building community and queer family, healing and transformation. She knows that love, care and how we treat each other (including ourselves) are political. As her work for liberation evolves and deepens, her roots remain firmly planted in ending sexual violence. Mia is currently working at generation FIVE, an organization working to ened child sexual abuse within five generations. At gen5, she is working to create transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse that do not rely on the state (i.e. police, prisons, the criminal legal system) and actively cultivate community safety, resiliency and healing. Before gen5, Mia was a co-founder and Co-director of SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, in Atlanta, GA.



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