nisha ahuja explores yoga and cultural appropriation in this film by Toby Wiggins. “What is cultural appropriation? What are its roots? Who benefits from cultural appropriation? What strategies are there to address colonialism?” See more at

About nisha ahuja

nisha ahuja actor, physical theatre creator, writer, singer/songwriter, and arts educator, has performed and created classical, contemporary, and original work in Canada, the Netherlands, and India. She also shares vedic energy medicine, reiki & yogic medicine and is dedicated to dissolving the boundaries between art, traditional/ancient medicines, spirituality, and politics.

As a medicine sharer nisha extends immense gratitude to the many teachers and guides through her journey. She has been studying yoga and meditation since she was a child and more intensively since 1999. Her journey into energy work sprouted from there and she had been publicly sharing yoga, meditation, sound meditation, reiki, and energy work based in Vedic and Ayurvedic principles since 2012. While teachers and guidance have come from many nisha most recently studied with Reiki with Varsha & Ravi Hooja (Bombay, India), Attmic Healing with Manav Ji Sahaj (India), Ayuveda basics at CAISH (Centre of Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing, Toronto), and yogic medicine at Swami Vivekanada Ashram (Bangalore India).

Recently she was an actor with Canada’s National Arts Centre’s Resident Acting Company, toured her one-woman show Yoga Cannibal (Director Yvette Nolan, developed at Bad Times Theatre, Canada’s oldest Queer Theatre), was Assistant Director to Ken Gass for Factory Theatre’s production of Bethune Imagined, and an excerpt of her play (in development) Cycle of a Sari will be published in Playwright Canada Press’ anthology Refractions: Solo. Currently she is touring Un-settling, and developing The Besetting of Reena Virk with Subtle Vigilance Collective, as well as Straight as Jalebi, celebrating gender bending and Queerness in South Asian Culture.

nisha’s artist residencies include Buddies in Bad Times’ Women’s Creators’ Unit, Canadian Stage’s BASH, Cahoots Theatre’s Playwright Unit, and Tejal Shah’s The Balacao (Goa, India), and Pattio Taller (Puerto Rico). nisha is also a member of R3 Artists Collective (Roots, Rhythm, and Resistance), a multi-disciplinary collective dedicated to decolonization awareness and practice through art.



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